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You may be in for a ride you never bargained for

In recent months, many nearly-identical websites have materialized offering ballooning gift certificates and attempting to book reservations for balloon rides.

They appear to be representing a balloon company in your local area and make claims that they have the highest safety record, use the best equipment, have been serving the local area for a long time, offer the least expensive balloon ride, and have the closest flying location to major metropolitan areas.

However, these websites are actually nothing more than a middle man or reservation agency which costs you money. Be leery of their many misrepresentations!

To help you determine if a website represents an actual balloon company:

If you're still not sure if they're legitimate, call the 800-number and ask where they are located. If they cannot answer immediately without asking where you are calling from, then you have reached the middle man!

You might be asking, "Why not go through one of these agencies?"

The experience of a balloon flight is one you will remember and cherish forever. It is important that this experience be performed by a competent, safe and professional company. Choosing to make a reservation with an agency which makes claims of, but has no control over, safety, pilots and equipment quality is literally throwing caution to the wind. Do your research before you fly - your safety and enjoyment depend on it.

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